By Dr Jeremy Vo

My situation before using AIRFLOW® & GBT

My time before using AIRFLOW® & the Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol was a very sad situation with messy prophy powders that weren’t really doing anything to help my patients. Since incorporating it in my practices I have seen improvements in my returning patients especially the ones with difficult problems that can now be fixed reasonably easy.

My situation after incorporating AIRFLOW® & GBT

It’s a more comfortable experience not just for my patients but for me. Whilst I’m working, I can actually see the biofilm and stains coming off the surface of the tooth and from inside the perio pocket. Patients with implants actually have better long-term results.

The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is extremely streamlined and can easily be integrated into your clinic – on benchtops and/or in a cupboard space.

AIRFLOW® & Guided Biofilm Therapy is the future of dentistry!