By Joice Harnick

My name is Joyce Harnick and I am a 35-year experienced periodontal dental hygienist. I have been trained using magnetostrictive scalers but recently had the opportunity to trial GBT with the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master supervised by Swiss Dental Academy trainer Deb Brown, on a patient with a full fixed upper implant bridge and periodontally involved mandibular dentition.

I found GBT with the AIRFLOW® a game changer in terms of a modern-day prophylaxis. I also have had the system used on myself, for my recent maintenance. My teeth feel amazing, and the instrumentation was truly pain free on my sensitive teeth.

Subsequently, I attended a full SDA training evening with Deb. Her professional instruction and comprehensive, hands on delivery of this system to our hygiene team, has convinced me it is time to update my dental hygiene protocol by incorporating GBT with the AIRFLOW® on every patient in our now currently accredited GBT with AIRFLOW® practice!